Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Forum: Philip Brophy
Performances by Que Nguyen, Kusum Normoyle, Zoe Scoglio and Paul Dorneau
Saturday 17 October
5.00-8.00pm. $10 entry.

'The voice is corrupted by being human. The evolutionist assumption that ‘voice’ inevitably implicates a human producer limits the potential breadth of its definition.' (Philip Brophy)

Vocalising the Post-Human is a night dedicated to the repositioned role of the human voice. The forum will include a critical discussion by Philip Brophy, followed by performances from Que Nguyen, Kusum Normoyle, Zoe Scoglio and Paul Dorneau.


After releasing numerous records and CDs on the new music label INNOCENT and the pop label PRESENT, Philip Brophy created SOUND PUNCH to focus on his film music and audiovision projects. The label also features his collaborations Ph2 and LAZY3. His most recent work involves live music performed to films and videos, such as the BEAUTIFUL CYBORG series and the avant-garde silent films AUREVELATEUR and KISSED. Other live quadraphonic performances are THE CAVERN OF DEEP TONES and THE PLANETS. His current live/studio projects in development include the ongoing FLUORESCENT series of video installations; the live surround-sound performances VOICELESS and I AM PIANO; the live rock event performance STADIUM.

Philip Brophy has scored the feature BODY MELT and sound-designed the feature MALLBOY as well as numerous shorts. In this field Brophy specializes in Dolby Surround applications and contemporary soundscapes. Most SOUND PUNCH releases are encoded in Dolby Surround. The label has also now made availale DVD-Rs of all of the original quadraphonic mixes of his projects. He was also instigator and director of the CINESONIC International Conference on Film Scores & Sound Design held annually in Melbourne, and has edited 3 books from the conference published by the Australian Film TV & Radio School. Having created the Soundtrack stream in Media Arts at RMIT, Melbourne, he continues to lecture and present on film sound and music internationally.

As a writer and speaker on music, Philip Brophy specializes in three interlocking areas: (i) the film soundtrack; (ii) pop/rock record production; and (iii) the history of experimental noise and sound. He is widely published in all three areas internationally and has written columns and occasional articles for THE WIRE, London. He is a regular contributor of sound articles to FILM COMMENT, New York. His recent books include 100 MODERN SOUNDTRACKS for the British Film Institute, London - also translated into Japanese and published by Film Art, Tokyo. He has also produced radio such as the series TRACES OF SOUNDTRACKS, commissioned for ABC Classical-FM, Australia.

Que Nguyen is currently studying Honours in Sound at RMIT. She is interested in the use of voice within stereo/surround composition and live performance, with the intentions to playfully circumvent and subvert the usual associations voice has within music. As the co-founder of the Within Earshot collective, she curated and organised 'Displacement' for LA 9 and 'Interplay', showcasing collaborations between established and emerging sound artists. She is the Funding Panel Convener at RMIT Union Arts and is also a member of the 'After Hours' committee for West Space Gallery. Various forms of her work ranging from solo, collaboration to sound design has been presented at LA 5, LA 9, Next Wave Festival, ACMI, MIAF, MIFF and the Conical Gallery Sound series.

Kusum Normoyle
is a musician who works with extended and extreme vocal technique in performance and electronic media practice. Her sound incorporates dense texture, rapid shifts in dynamic, referencing screamo and noise music to create a brutal sonic space. Completing a Bachelor of Electronic Arts at University of Western Sydney in 2008, a transfer to RMIT will see her complete an honours sound program with Darrin Verhagen and Philip Samartzis. Across the last 5 years she has developed a professional practice within the national and international noise and experimental music scene that has taken her the major Australian cities and more recently on a solo tour of Japan.

Her collaborators include Marcus Schmickler (Berlin), Robbie Avenaim (Melb), Sean Baxter (Melb), Tim Olive (Japan/Can), Sei (japan) and Lachlan Colqhoun (Syd). She was included in the Sydney component of Liquid Architecture in 2008, a key performer for Electrofringe festival nights (TINA) multiple years, and curated into group sound performances and installations at Sydney’s ICAN and Firstdraft galleries. 2009 see’s Kusum as the director for Within Earshot’s collective events and performs weekly throughout the events in the Melbourne and Sydney sound community.

Paul Dornau
is a musician, composer, teacher and visual artist. His expertise includes music theatre and dance accompaniment, film soundtracks and installation soundscapes. Paul has performed extensively around Australia in the six-piece musical act Croque Monsieur as well as the experimental garage/surf outfit, Johnnie and the Johnnie-Johnnies.

Zoë Scoglio is a media artist and performer who creates video and sound for public, performance based and site-specific outcomes. Her current work involves spontaneous collaborations and explorations into transformation and ritual. Zoë is a founding member of artist run initiative, Tape Project and has exhibited in diverse places both near and far. Zoe and Paul will be performing in Mexico and North America later this year.

TOMORROW THE WORLD mini festival at West Space Gallery


Festival of experimental sound, performance and audiovisual programming.

Tomorrow the World is a West Space project in the form of a mini-festival that focuses on experimental sound, performance and audiovisual programming.

The festival runs across a number of weeks and each weeknight is programmed within a different format. The eclectic line-up involves disparate arts communities, reflecting our aim to survey different experimental (and sometimes just plain mental) interdisciplinary and audiovisual arts practices. Essentially, we have given each artist free reign to do what they want.

The program has been curated and coordinated by Director, Phip Murray, and West Space’s After Hours Committee, a committee that was put together by sound artist Philip Samartzis in 2007 in order to program sound art and experimental music events. We are now broadening the focus in order to support more diverse and interdisciplinary programming at West Space, alongside our core exhibition program. This is the first Tomorrow the World festival and we intend to make it an annual event as well as programming other related events throughout the year.

We hope you enjoy the festival and encourage you to explore a range of evenings. The program will give you a calendar and an overview of each event, but we encourage you to look on the website for further information.

Although every event is special, we have two grand finales to finish the inaugural Tomorrow the World festival. On Saturday October 31 (Halloween!) we will throw a horror-themed party that will feature performances by Dr. Bikini, Mink Engine and DJ Ransom playing Italian horror soundtracks in his dancefloor mix. On the following Sunday, Philip Samartzis will be a captain of a different kind, as he takes us on a cruise down the Maribyrnong River featuring a site-specific sound performance.

Phip Murray, Director, and the After Hours Committee: Philip Samartzis (convenor), Eamon Sprod, Camilla Hannan, Marco Cher-Gibard, Que Nguyen.

Program HERE

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Within Earshot presents:


Feast your ears on Horse Bazaar’s 8 - channel spread, with

4 live performances and 4 playback compositions.

Thursday 17th September 2009



Horse Bazaar

397 Little Lonsdale Street

(Between Elizabeth and Queen Sts)

Supported by RMIT union arts




Lizzie Pogson

Title: Coordinates

Duration: 6'46''



Tessa Elieff: Tattered Kaylor

Bass guitar, 6 level stairwells and sonic cavities are the instruments in this piece.

- An exert from a series of stairwell recordings gathered over three years, "Blind City Flâneur" presents listeners with a wash of naturally occurring sonic phenomena. The clash between concrete, steel, space and sound wave alone has been caught and released into your direct surrounding environment.



Kristian Roberts

Title: Six Songs for Saint Catherine

Duration: 7’00”



K & M

K&M are the improvising electronic/musique concrete duo of Phoebe Fulkner and Jason Montero. Using field recordings, electronic textures, real –time computer processing and live special manipulation, K&M explore areas of musical interaction and psychoacoustic landscape.



Luke Hand & Sasha Margolis

Title: More than a game

Duration: 5’00”



Que Nguyen

A decade of drinking in bars, pubs and clubs has not only induced good times, fluid to slurred ramblings, liaisons, vomit and blurred memories; but has also inspired the ideas for this multi-channel work, suitably performed in a bar.



Simon Cotter

Title: Dust & Fauna

Duration: 4’27”



Marco Cher-Gibard & Rosalind Hall

Rosalind and Marco make live video saxonography. They've worked together investigating audiovisual performance and improvisation since 2007, performing at various events including Electrofringe Festival (2008), NOWnow Series at Serial Space (2008), Make It Up Club 10th Anniversary (2008) and more recently at Beat Projections at the Footscray Community Arts Centre (2009).

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hello and welcome to the Within Earshot events 2009

The RMIT Sound Collective 'Within Earshot', will this year host two events, both conducted as Satellite events to Liquid Architecture 10, Melbourne.

This will be Within Earshot's 2nd year running and is looking to be a compressed and exciting double event sequence over the July period.

See you there!

Low Set and Stated Sound are brought to you by Within Earshot in association with Liquid Architecture and RMIT Union Arts.

Stated Sound

Stated Sound: A Forum.

Chair: Dr. Caleb Kelly

Panel Members: Nat Bates
Jon Dale
Annalee Koernig
Dr. Philip Samartzis

Date: Saturday 11th July, 12-2 p.m.

Venue: Tape Projects Space, 1/81 Bouverie St, Carlton.

Above Bridgestone Tyres.

Stated Sound is a forum for the ideas, concepts and attitudes that produce sound and media cultures at a local and national level, which in turn inform our experience of them. Stated Sound will develop a dialogue that outlines what key individuals believe to be contemporary approaches in devising sound and media events, and how they believe them to resonate with their audiences and contexts. This discussion will include the contributions of festival directors, artists, writers, educators and journalists who have a long running, as well and current role in these fields. All are welcome and invited to follow on to West Space, where at 3 p.m there will be a performance from Peter Blamey, Dale Gorfinkle and Rosalind Hall as part of the Liquid Architecture 10 Melbourne program.

Light food and beverage will be provided free of charge.


Low Set

6-9 pm sharp, Thursday July 16
Open Space Gallery
Rear of Eckersley's
97 Franklin St, Melbourne.

$5.00 entry, no presale tickets
(get in early last year was a sell out event)

To begin your Thursday evening, Within Earshot gives you 'Low Set', a rare dynamic showcase of RMIT students in collaboration with artists from abroad,
tightly packed between two P.A's and multiple points of video projection, Low Set is out to show with full volume the activities of artists from RMIT.


Kusum - Robbie Avenaim - Sean Baxter
(2 x Drums and screaming voice)

Robert Mayson

(Guitar and effects)

Que Nguyen
(Live Vocal and Helium processing)

Jon Hunter
(Spring Reverb and guitar)

Tessa Elieff
(Low Set sound arrangement)


L.A Dibben

T.R Carter

The Gaylord Sisters: Lee Anantawat, Zoe Scoglio & Bbusadee Leomanach-Areon

Jess McElhinney